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Vegan Protein Bars

Protein bars are great for a quick breakfast bars and one of our favorite snacks. They can be made ahead of time and take up little space in your bag so you can always have something on hand to eat that you know is good for you.

Top Five Tips for Raising Vegan Babies and Children

By Crystal Hansen Vegans face a myriad of concerns as they make choices in...

Figuring Out Vegan Bread

By E. Ashe When you switch to a vegan diet, you soon discover there can be a...

Vegan Nutella

Vegan Nutella Prep Time: 15 minutesCoo

Adapt to Veganism or Forgive the Culture – Which is it?

Is Ethiopian Culture way behind in adapting to “veganism”, or do we “forgive” them of eating meat because their geographical/financial/cultural differences?

How To Start A Vegan Diet – Without Losing Your Mind

Thinking about starting a vegan diet but not sure where to begin? For many people however, the thought of cutting out all dairy and meat can definitely be overwhelming – especially if you like to eat out and you’re not a genius in the kitchen. The following 8 tips will make the transition easier and smoother – so you’re more likely to stick with the change.

Roasted Carrot Hummus

This is one of the most striking dishes I have eaten recently. I enjoyed it so much I vowed to try to replicate it so that I could serve it to my family and share it here with you.

Six Foods to Keep You Healthy, Smart and Sassy!

Take a good look at your daily eating habits. Are you really living on a healthy vegan diet? Do you need to cut out some not-so-good-for-you foods and replace them with some of thease beauties? Place these six foods into your shopping list so you always have them on hand as you prepare your meals.

Quinoa & Black Bean Stuffed Peppers

This dish freezes well for future meals! This is also a great heart healthy recipe with whole grains, & lots of protein!

Plant Powered Families Review & Giveaway!

This book features over 100 whole food vegan recipes that contain no refined white flour or refined sugar and have nut-free variations. It offers recipes that kids will love and are easy to prepare for parents that are short on time…isn’t that all of us?

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

The vegan cinnamon rolls recipe is the best out there! You dont have to worry about the taste, it hits the spot just like regular cinnamon rolls. It has the cinnamon, sugary flavor that melts in your mouth. Yum!

The Vegan Way for Babies

My son’s doctor told my wife that he is not gaining weight at a fast enough rate and that he needs to start drinking whole dairy milk as opposed to the rice milk that I was beginning to give him.

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