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Top Bad to the Bone Foods

A key part of having a healthy skeleton is ensuring that you eat the right foods that bolster your body with calcium, starting in infancy and moving through your life. Here are some of the top foods that are “bad to the bone”.

Vegans, Insects and Rodents

A VegFamily reader asks: “I am considering becoming a vegan but have a question. How do vegans handle insect control? I live in an area that has a lot of insects and rodents I really can’t just ignore them in my house. What do vegans do?”

Layered and Luscious: Vegan Lasagna

We think lasagna is one of the all-time favorite comfort foods. Cathe Olson shares five of her favorite lasagna recipes – traditional, spinach, vegetable, butternut squash, and lima vegetable – plus a delicious vegan substitute for Parmesan cheese you ca make yourself!

Walking With My Children: Vegetarian Virtues in Action

As we walk I can see that my children are happy. Regularly taking this walk and visiting the animals has become an important part of our lives. I walk in silence and think about some of the virtues my children are learning from the very beginning of their lives through vegetarianism: compassion, caring and kindness are a few.

The HOT Lunch Box

I want my kids to have a healthy, hot lunch when the weather gets cold. Here are some of our favorite lunchbox recipes.

Warm Up with Buckwheat

With colder weather on the way, you may be looking for warming foods. Why not try buckwheat? Here are a few recipes to get you started with buckwheat.

Nut Butter French Toast

A delicious alternative to peanut butter, cashew nut butter has a distinct flavor all its own that gives this french toast a to die for taste! A great way to start off your day with some yummy breakfast.

Eat Like You Give A Damn – Book Review

Compassion!….Truth!….And Kale Salad! Eat Like You Give A Damn with Herbivore’s Michelle Schwegmann & Josh Hooten’s fabulous new cookbook!

Fun and Compassionate Family Ideas for the Holidays

his holiday season, take a few moments to plan fun, meaningful activities with your children. Even in the midst of holiday chaos, the Holidays can retain some of their original meaning.

Really Raw Fruitcake

Here’s a totally raw, gluten-free fruitcake to make for a morning brunch or after dinner dessert with coffee.

Quick, Fuss-Free Holiday Desserts

Undoubtedly you will have more than one day when you need to whip up a dessert but are short on time – and patience! These fast, no-fuss dessert ideas are ridiculously simple but will taste like you spent all day preparing them.

Veganize Your Storytime: Books for the Littlest Vegans and Animal-Advocates

Children may soon feel the dietary minority upon entering school; I didn’t want them feeling that way in our own home during storytime. I began consciously searching out books that I didn’t have to veganize, and that reinforced the values we want to share.

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