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Low Calorie Vegan Recipes
Going vegan doesn't automatically mean weight loss or healthy eating. The vegan community is filled with overweight and unhealthy vegans as a result of poor food choices and unhealthy cooking. This book is a collection of tasty, easy-to-make recipes that use whole foods and are low in fat and calories and it includes a chapter of our Vegan Pantry collection as well. Click here for more details!

The Vegan Pantry

This little book offers recipes for vegan substitutions and staples to help you create your own without the need for commercial products. You get delicious and nutritious recipes for things like vegan cheeses, whipped toppings, creams, milks, egg replacements, condiments, stocks, sauces, and pantry mixes.

This Month at VegFamily
Vegan Weigh Down - the first website devoted to vegan and vegetarian weight loss - is live! Sign up here for more info and to get the free VWD weight loss newsletter. (Pssst - email for the new member discount code!)

The Vegan View
Aren't Vegans Exploiting Mother Earth?
"Every bee that I ever asked never refused to offer their honey and wax for the benefit of man. That is why they were created! Bees are not "animals" they are insects. Isn't it exploiting Mother Earth to take of the vegetables and fruit produced from her energy in the ground? It seems inconsistent to limit the scope." Read the VegFamily community responses!

Featured Articles
Innocence Lost: Explaining veganism to my daughter
I will never forget the day "the talk" was thrust upon us, the day my daughter's heart was broken. The day her perfect world was shattered and she began to realize that pain was a part of life.
10 Reasons Why Going Vegan is Good For the Environment
A basic respect for animals is a fundamental point of view that protects animals from being exploited by mankind.
Spaghetti with Vegan Eggplant Meatballs
Faux meat products fall into two categories: "looks like," and "tastes like." Well, these meatballs hit the jackpot and accomplish both, all without sending me into my typical Italian food coma.

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Featured Recipes
Fruity Sunrise Smoothie
Spiked with wheat germ this is a creamy and nutritious breakfast beverage.
Cauliflower Salad with Capers and Olives
This colorful salad makes a great springtime dish to serve for lunch or as a first course for a fancy dinner.
Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers
Quinoa is a high proteinhigh protein grain, making it the perfect filling for a pepper entree dish.
All-Time Best Vegan Carrot Cake
This is a yummy carrot cake with rich vegan cream cheese frosting that tastes very much like the non-vegan version.

Ask the Dietician - Marty Davey
Fish Oil Substitute
What do you suggest?

Ask the Dietician - Jill Nusinow
Lack of Energy
What's missing in my diet?

Ask the Dietician - Dina Aronson
Vegan Weightloss Diet Plan
Do you know of any diet programs for vegans, such as Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc.?

Vegan Book Reviews
Vegan Bite By Bite
This book is like having your own personal coach to guide you through the transition to a new way of eating.

Vegan Product Reviews
Let's Do...Organic - Fruiti Bears Gummis
Yes they are vegan, certified organic and use real fruits and vegetables to achieve the delicious flavours!



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