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Down Coat and Leather Shoes – Can I call myself a vegan?

Vegan Baby Protein Sources

Can you tell me how to be sure my baby gets her 23 grams/day of protein and not be so dependent on dairy and eggs?

Transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan

The more I read the more I am convinced that veganism is the best diet and lifestyle. Do you have some suggestions for me to help me through the transition to vegan?

Substitutions for Cottage Cheese

Got a recipe that calls for cottage cheese? Here’s an easy substitution similar in texture which you can season according to your recipe needs.


Nothing is better than fresh perogies, stolen from the bowl just after it has been cooked. This vegan recipe is to die for!

The Many Faces of Vegan

“Are you one of those spray-painting animal rights activists?” “Seriously, what do you eat?” The answer depends on whom they ask. Vegan diets and lifestyles reach as far and wide as the individuals embracing them, with every combination imaginable. Laura Bruno discusses who vegans are and what motivates them.

Vegans Abroad! Twelve Tips for the Traveling Vegan Family

With some preparation, finding foods that you feel good about giving your family will be a snap. The fun and simple act of eating will likely become the channel for your family to meet new people, learn new customs and expand your world!

3 Delicious Veggie Burger Recipes That Even the Most Dedicated Meat-Eater Will Love

A delicious burger is something most vegans and vegetarians find hard to ignore. Not to worry! Here are some great vegan burgers everyone will love.

Turning Children on to Vegetables

It is recommended that everyone consume at least 3 servings of vegetables each day. Most children eat 1-2 servings of vegetables each day. For many children these servings are not broccoli but rather French fries.

Broccoli: Do you Eat the Stalk?

There are many parts of vegetables we throw away that we should eat. Broccoli stalk is a good example – there are so many uses for it. Here are a few tips for using it and a sassy salad recipe!

Sweet Broccoli Slaw

This recipe is a light and delicious egg and dairy-free vegan version of the traditional broccoli slaw. We ioncorporate the stalk to show how easy and delicious it is and how it adds a nice visual appeal and crucnh to the slaw as well. Waste not, want not!

Vegan, Pregnant and Craving Cheese: How To Fight the Urges

Remember that this will pass. It might be nine months of joy or nine months of hell, but either way it’s going to pass. And if your cravings for meat and dairy pull you like a freight train, just think of it as training for parenting.

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