Book Review

Fast Food Nation
by Eric Schlosser
Review by Erin Pavlina

Fast Food NationIn his book, Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser takes us on a tour of the fast food industry, and let me tell you, if you're not already a vegan, you'll wish you were! After reading this book I have to feel sorry for all the people still eating fast food in America.

Because of this book I learned a lot about a subject I knew so little about previously; natural flavors. As it turns out, natural flavors are not so different from artificial flavors. Whenever you see the term natural flavors don't assume they are entirely vegan even if they are on an otherwise vegan product!

Schlosser also details the very harsh working conditions of fast food workers and those in the meat packing industry. These stories may shock some of you, while others may find them "just" desserts for people working in this cruel field. You reap what you sow maybe?

Fast Food Nation is currently ranked 24 on's best seller list and is number 1 in the UK as of this writing. Get it, read it, and then discuss it with those you know and love.

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