Book Review

Changing to a Raw Food Diet - The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide
By Laura Bruno
Review by Cynthia Mosher

Lazy Raw Food Top Have you been contemplating a raw food diet but finding yourself with all too many questions? Author Laura Bruno has taken the topic and dissected it in chewable pieces, addressing everything from what a raw food diet is, the principles of food combining, useful equipment, the truth about dental concerns, detoxing, living with nonraw foodists, and more.

A celebrity list of raw foodists may encourage you, including Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, David Bowie, Donna Karan, Alicia Silverstone, and Robin Williams. But when it comes down to actually learning and doing you need a more specific guiding source of information and advice. You will have lots of questions and concerns. Having delved into a raw food diet myself (I'm currently around 50% raw) I find Laura's book to be an invaluable resource. Almost every question I have had as I work my way through the learning process of going raw has been answered in The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide. 192 pages, it includes recipes from Alissa Cohen, Sarma Melngailis, Shazzie, Jenny Cornbleet, Cherie Soria, many others, including The Lazy Raw Foodist herself, Laura Bruno.

Whatever your reason for embarking on a raw food diet, be it health issues, a desire for a higher level of nutrition, or the vain reason of turning the clock back a decade or two (yes, a raw food diet can do that for your body and your looks!) you will find The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide to be a treasure of information. Click Here! to buy a downloadable copy and get started today!