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Amy's Teriyaki Bowl
Review by Rebecca Hess

Amy's Teriyaki BowlEvery time I bring an Amy's Teriyaki Bowl to work with me I look forward to lunch all morning! Amy's line includes many frozen and canned vegan foods that I happily eat on a regular basis. I love most Amy's meals but this Teriyaki Bowl is a new favorite! It's hard to believe that this is frozen convenience food.

The taste is amazing, a little sweet and a little sour and the texture of the rice and veggies is perfect. On top of all this, one bowl has only 2 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, and satisfies 50% of your daily intake of both vitamins A and C. Amy's uses the best organic ingredients and prepares their vegan meals according to a strict vegan ethic. This meal is so satisfying that I'll bet even when you find time to cook you'll find yourself throwing one of these masterpieces into the microwave.