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Earth Balance Soy-Free SpreadEarth Balance Buttery Spread
Review by Caroline Yoder

What's toast without a little creamy spread? Homemade muffins without that buttery flavor? When you stop to think about it, butter and margarine are vital ingredients to many of our favorite recipes. As many vegans have already discovered, Earth Balance thankfully provides vegan alternatives to animal-derived butter spreads; their popular spreads are composed of expeller-pressed vegetable oil and plant-based protein rather than milk or cream. While Earth Balance products may lack the traditional ingredients of a buttery spread, they contain all the same flavor.

Until recently, however, all of Earth Balance's spreads were soy-based, making them unsuitable for those with allergies and those who wish to live a soy-free lifestyle. Fortunately, the newest addition to the Earth Balance product line is completely soy-free, and you can use it just as you would regular butter or soy-based alternatives. While this new product's versatility ranges from spreading to baking to sautéing, I found it especially effective in producing crispy tofu dishes.

The nutritional information for the soy-free spread is comparable to that of the other varieties. Just like the other four spreads, this one is entirely trans fat-free and contains roughly 100 kcalories per tablespoon, along with 11 grams of fat, which includes health-boosting omega-3s.

Look for Earth Balance Soy-Free wherever Earth Balance products are sold. A vegan lifestyle need not mean a life without buttery flavor.