Product Reviews

Enjoy Life Foods
Review by Rebecca Hess

Enjoy Life FoodsIt used to be that a person with food allergies had severely limited choices when it came to prepared foods. Add to that a vegan diet and they might have had an even tougher time finding foods that were convenient, healthy and tasted good. Now anyone who falls into either of those categories can relax, for we now have Enjoy Life Foods! Their motto is “Great-tasting foods that almost everyone can eat freely!”

Enjoy Life produces a line of vegan cookies, granola, snack bars and baking ingredients. Their bagels and breads contain honey, and a few products are made with processed sugar, but their website states that by 2006 their entire line will be vegan! None of Enjoy Life’s products contain wheat gluten, peanuts, tree nuts or soy and of course they’re free of eggs and dairy.

After listing all of the ingredients that will not be found in Enjoy Life products, it’s important for me to add that they do taste good! My husband and I loved the soft-baked snickerdoodle cookies! They’re available in a box or in lunch box sized snack packs containing two cookies. They are quite a bit smaller than conventional soft baked cookies, but the taste and texture more than make up for that. It’s very satisfying to have a sweet treat that you know is also good for you.

Enjoy Life products are becoming more readily available in stores around the country, so check out their website for a store locator. You can also order directly from their site.