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Garden Burger Meatless Riblets
Review by Erin Pavlina

Meatless RibletsGarden Burger has really outdone themselves with this product. The meatless riblets are outstanding, but if you don't like products that taste too much like real meat, you'll want to stay away from these beauties.

RibletsThe riblets look like a rack of four boneless ribs. You heat them in a bag in the microwave or you can barbecue them on a grill. The tangy and smoky barbecue sauce that covers the riblet is incredibly delicious. The riblet itself has the same texture as meat, and for a moment you may wonder if you got the right product. The fact that this product tastes and looks so much like real ribs may be a little disturbing to some people, but if you miss the taste of barbecued ribs, you'll get over that fast.

These would be great to take on a barbecue or picnic. Or put the riblet on a sandwich roll with some red onions and romaine lettuce. This is one of the best fake meat products I've ever tasted. I couldn't find this product at my local health food store, I had to get it at a mainstream store, so look around for them. You can also visit the Garden Burger website to find a location near you. The riblets will impress even the non-vegans in your life!