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Green Leafy Nutritional Chart
Review by Erin Pavlina

Green Leafy Nutrition ChartAs a vegan parent, you probably wonder how you're going to ensure proper nutrition for your kids. What are the foods that are high in protein, calcium, zinc, iron, B12, fiber, and more? Thumbing through a nutrition book takes a lot of time and it's never around when you really need it.

So along comes a solution to this problem; the vegan nutrition chart from Green Leafy. The chart has columns which list foods that are high in the most important nutrients your kids need: protein, fats, vitamins A, B, B12, C, D, E, K, minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and others, plus a list of foods high in carbohydrates and fiber.

Not only is the chart a great nutrition resource, it's well illustrated and attractive in its design. Besides hanging one in your kitchen for easy access when you really need it, the chart makes a great gift to your child's teacher. Imagine having one of these nutrition charts hanging next to the Four Food Groups in your child's classroom. You could even bring in the chart and use it as a visual aid in teaching children about good nutrition.

I refer to my chart often when I feel uncertain that my daughter is getting enough of what she needs. I use the chart as a sort of checklist for the week. I think you'll find the chart to be a very useful tool in your home too.

Visit the Green Leafy website to order one of these inexpensive charts for your home or child's school. And let's spread the word that good vegan nutrition is easy to obtain!