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Kagome Juices
Review by Erin Pavlina

Kagome JuicesI love Kagome; not just because their juices are delicious and healthy, but because the company does so much for the environment which we all live in. Kagome is a company focused on bringing healthy fruit and vegetable juices to the United States. Their goal is to help people live true lives. Kagome states "We respect nature and make products that deliver nature's true benefits without addition or omission, which we believe helps you live a balanced, healthy life in harmony with the world".

A 6 ounce glass of Kagome juice fulfills USDA guidelines for a full serving of vegetables. Not only are they fabulous for you, they taste good too. Their vegetable juice line includes sweet summer tomato juice, carrot ginger zest, and true vegetable garden. The blended line of fruits and vegetables is divided by the color of the foods: autumn reds, purple roots and fruits, and orange carrot blossom. All of their products have a wonderful fresh taste that comes from the high standards they hold surrounding their ingredients.

I strongly suggest visiting their website It is full of wonderful information about nutrition and how they go about creating their products. Luckily, we can find Kagome juices at Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats grocery stores.