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Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies
Review by Rebecca Hess

Liz Lovely CookiesLiz Lovely cookies are not only huge, decadent and vegan...they're also beautifully hand made by vegans with a social mission. Since having the unforgettable experience of sampling these delicacies I will now forever begin to salivate should I lay my eyes upon their simple and unique packaging. I love to support vegan companies who in turn support other vegan companies. Liz Lovely fits the bill! You will never again be tempted to purchase a mass produced cookie after you have tasted these gems.

When you visit their website you will be able to search for retailers near you who carry this gorgeous cookie line. Flavors available are Cowboy (full of oats, walnuts and chocolate chips with a chocolate coated bottom), Cowgirl (the most wonderful take on the classic chocolate chip cookie), Peanut Butter Classic and Ginger Snapdragon. I'm torn between the Cowboy and Cowgirl as my favorite.I'll just have one of each please!

These truly are "artisan cookies"-they're just as gorgeous to look at as delicious to eat.