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New Tree Eternity Chocolate Bar
Review by Rebecca Hess

Eternity BarMy mouth is watering just thinking about this delectable chocolate bar. New Tree produces a line of Belgian chocolate bars with the only vegan flavor being Eternity. The Eternity chocolate bar consists of Belgian dark chocolate with Blackcurrant essence. I have tried many vegan chocolates, and this chocolate bar is definitely reigns in the superior category. The essence of Blackcurrant adds a delicious under current that makes it almost addictive.

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New Tree claims that one bar of Eternity has more antioxidants than two glasses of red wine. This seems to be a chocolate bar with a purpose. Another positive aspect of this chocolate bar is its richness. Since it is so rich, you're more likely to feel satisfied with only a few pieces instead of the whole bar. Sadly, not all New Tree's bars are vegan, but we're lucky to have Eternity. And since it's chock full of antioxidants, I vote for calling it health food-then we can indulge without guilt as often as we please.

Rebecca Hess lives in New Jersey with her husband Steve and their crazy cats. She holds a masters degree in theatre and loves being part of vegfamily and getting to try so many great vegan products!

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