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Soymage Vegan Cheeses
Review by Rebecca Hess

I must preface this review by telling you that I have not had good luck with vegan cheeses in the past, so I was skeptical to try a new brand. I even went ahead and enlisted a friend and my husband to help me with the tasting, just in case I was too closed minded.

Soymage has many dairy free cheeses to choose from. First, the cheddar. I found this cheese a bit too sweet on its own, but mixed in with some veggies or some veggie pepperoni and crackers the sweetness wasn't so overpowering. My friend loved the cheddar flavor--she even made grilled cheese sandwiches out of it. I decided to try the other two varieties (mozzarella and parmesan) together. I concocted a pasta casserole and added the grated parmesan in it and topped it with some shredded mozzarella. Although it did not melt, I (along with my husband) really liked it! The mild flavor of the mozzarella paired with the stronger taste of the parmesan were perfect together.

So, I may not be a vegan cheese convert yet, but Soymage has done a remarkably good job in making vegan cheese palatable and even tasty. If you're a vegan cheese-phobe, I'd recommend trying the parmesan first. The texture is remarkably similar to its dairy counterpart, and it's a great addition to any pasta dish.