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Vegan Supreme Marshmallows
Review by Rebecca Hess

Vegan Supreme MarshmallowsI was never really a huge conventional marshmallow fan, but when vegan marshmallows were introduced I had to try them. I have since been converted into a fan of the sweet, sticky treat.

Vegan Supreme marshmallows are homemade and available on the website I especially appreicated that these marshmallows are not produced on machinery where gelatin based marshmallows are created. Since I'm still not a huge fan of right out of the bag marshmallows, I decided to try them in all the traditional ways. I was not disappointed.

First, I made the old standby rice krispy treats. Of course, mine were made with brown rice cereal from the health food store, Earth Balance, and organic vanilla :) This was by far the easiest dessert I have ever made! I microwaved the margarine and one bag of marshmallows, stirred in the cereal and vanilla, added vegan chocolate chips, and cooled. They were amazing! The marshmallows melted perfectly and the treats came out beautifully. I shared them with my coworkers who are also vegan and they LOVED them. Next I made a cup of vegan hot chocolate and broke up a Vegan Supreme marshmallow into pieces to add to the mug. Oh my goodness! This was heavenly-sweet and creamy and perfect.

It's quickly getting colder here on the East coast and I can't wait to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows all winter long!