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Rice Paper Rolls

veggie rice paper rolls Submitted by Tania

These delightful, veggie filled rolls are simple to make and attractive on a platter. Show them off at your next fancy dinner.

Ingredients: Dipping Sauce Ingredients: Directions:
Soften rice paper sheets by soaking in warm water for approximately 30 seconds each. When soft and pliable, remove and place on a clean cotton cloth. Lay a small amount of the filling along the centre top of the rice paper. Fold one side in towards the centre, then fold the bottom up towards the top. Roll the wrap over towards the remaining side to make a neat roll. Repeat the process until the rice paper and filling are used up. Combine all dipping sauce ingredients into a bowl.

Serve with rice paper rolls.

You may add crushed peanuts to the dipping sauce, or use a sweet and sour sauce. These are best when made fresh as they do not refrigerate well.

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