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The Vegan View "I tend to get red meat cravings. Is there anything vegan anyone can recommend to me to replace this with?" The Vegan View Answers
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MinhY Nguyen
Hmm, your question can't help making me question my choice of recipes. I am trying to commit a vegan lifestyle. There are many good recipes on VegFamily and PETA. The problem is lots of them have fake meat or egg replacer. I wonder if we truly want to pursue a pure plant diet, shouldn't we avoid meat imitation food?

Being a new vegan in the last 6 months, I too have gotten meat cravings. I do one of two things. First I make recipes with meat subtitutes like morning star farms meal starters, and Boca Chiken patties. I also use thicker tastier mushrooms in recipes like shitake, or portobello. I am trying out sauted tempeh as well and of course my favorite recipe is tofu scramble with "Gimme Lean Sausage-like.". The other road I take when getting cravings is to watch shows like "Food Inc" or logon to the PETA website to watch animal killing videos, and then I get rid of cravings right away. :-)

Praise SEITAN! :^D

rossella rossi:
I think your body is craving meat because of some deficiency.Probably iron. Try to eat vegan iron rich foods. That would help! Or maybe your body is craving some fat/protein rich foods: then get some beans!

I have found seitan, also known as wheat meat, to be a wonderful "meat" substitute. It is chewy and loaded with protein -- about 31 grams of protein in 4 oz. You can buy it ready-made, but it can be pricey; so I save purchasing the ready-made for times when I need that luxury and make it myself. Some recipes to make seitan are labor-intensive; but I found the best and quickest recipe right in my "Vegan Vittles" book by Joanne Stepaniak and Farm Sanctuary. I just purchase boxes of Vital Wheat Gluten and put some time aside to make this great protein. You then use your seitan in any of many, many, wonderful recipes out there. Enjoy! Of course, using seitan cannot apply to people with an allergy to gluten.

Whenever I crave a grilled steak. I marinate a large portobella mushroom cap with my favorite steak marinade, grill and eat. It ALWAYS satisfies my craving!

The Morningstar products are phenomenal and taste BETTER than meat ever did to me... and they have a very similar consistency. I think they're terrific. And then there's the frozen products put out by Amy's Foods...Fastastic! I love these. Try the vegetarian meatloaf; simply wonderful! You can give up meat and have something that totally replaces it easily. And don't forget trying some of those Tofu hotdogs - if you're blindfolded & bite into one of them, you can't tell it from the real thing. So that's my view - hope that helps.

It's so easy to be soyfree nowadays. Purely Decadent makes divine coconut 'ice cream' and coconut 'yogurt'. There are a number of yummy 'milks' out there from rice, almond, hemp and of course you can always make your own nut milks by blending soaked/drained nuts with fresh water then squeezing the the mixture thru cheezecloth. Add in some flavors when you're done...vanilla extract, cocoa powder, agave...yum! It's really easy to be a soy free vegan. Good luck!

Make sure you're getting enough iron, which you probably already know. It depends on your location, but some Chinese food restaurants have mock meat that is very good. The Mock General Tao's chicken is super tasty. If you have a Chinatown, you can usually find in the freezer section of a grocer's, that kind of imported mock meat. Frozen veggie burgers or mock meats are always the way to go, but again, it depends on your location how much of it you'll find.

Yes! BBQ flavored tempeh already prepared and packaged on a skewer. I don't know the name brand, but I buy them at my local chain grocery store in their organic section. There are lots of meat alternatives out there... you just have to try one or two at a time until you find the ones that you like.

C.H. Scarlett
Mushrooms. I saute or grill a big portabello mushroom the same way I could a steak with the same or more spice. I'll even dip it in steak sauce if I am craving that. It tastes even better than the real no more craving.

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